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Public Speaking Packages:

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Business is an art, and the art of speaking is key. Clarity sells.

Do you speak frequently? Are the results what you want?

Or maybe are you feeling completely lost when it comes to speaking? Well here's the answer! 


Speak Louder than Words' coaching programs involve a keen commitment that enables growth in every area of speaking. We focus on a steady transformation in performance confidence, experienced through the development of your message. We build a clearer understanding of how to effectively present within every performance opportunity. Working together, we diagnose the missing elements of your speech concentrating on consistent outcomes that support the goals of your business. These various offerings build upon the skills you master to ensure continued improved results.


We offer a variety of programs depending on your goals and how quickly you need to reach them.  If none of these are a perfect match, contact us about customizing an approach further that gets to the core in the best way we can.

One-on-One VIP-Day for Speaking:
Develop Your Power Presentation and Refine Delivery for Max Results


This program is for someone who is ready to put things in gear fast.  It may be because a speaking event is already planned around the corner and you want to make sure you get the best results possible.  Or it could be for someone looking to make speaking a major factor to grow business and who wants to make things happen rapidly.


This day is like getting 3-6 months of speech development and presentation skills coaching rolled into 1 powerful day!


The Elite Speaker Success Intensive


A weekend event for a highly limited group of people ready to move ahead with impact.  Participants receive training on how to construct an effective speech that sells and markets their businesses.  Then over a weekend each person gets a chance to speak from the stage twice, gaining experience and facility, reciving guidance and suggestions for further improvement each time.  Each speaker gets the opportunity to deliver a trial offer to the other participants to gauge whether it would be something they might have ordered at a real speech.  All speeches are video recorded for further review, and other aspects to help the speech succeed are also covered.  Limited to 10.



Speaker Mastermind and Event


This is an exclusive limited-time opportunity designed for entrepreneurs who desire the experience of selling from the stage and know they need  guidance to succeed in obtaining new clients when selling in this specialized manner. This seminar program is for a small group (no more than 12) who are looking for support in clarifying their message while creating an effective speech that sells and fulfills their business goals.  Not only do you learn and practice your speech, you also do it in public at a live event where you can sell from the stage!


Power Speech:
12-Week Coaching Package


Do you have a signature speech? Do you even know where you might use or even need one? 

This is an one-on-one interactive 12-week coaching program where we establish the goals you will achieve when you have a standout signature speech. We then develop, research and refine the elements to construct a speech that captures people's attention and moves your ideal client into action, creating a win-win result helping everyone move forward, accomplishing their objectives.


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Public Speaker Success in Action:
Six-Month Coaching Package


Entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and those who want to use speaking to build a stronger connection with their audience, to grow their bottom line and who are looking for individual guidance on how to do it quickly with lasting results would benefit from this elite package. The program is one-on-one focus to help you develop yur signature speech, then guide you to seek speaking opportunities and assess results of your presentations to make sure they match what your business needs.  The aim is to deliver results-based speeches gaining clients quickly.  The VIP Day program may be added as a supplement if desired.









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