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I now live in Italy, in the northwest in the center of the historic city of Torino. So it's not as easy to find me in the USA as it was a few years back. I do sometimes make trips back to the States but more often use technology to effectively work with people on discovering their core stories, implementing the "words have no meaning" approach to speaking, buffing up presentation skills and even focusing on overcoming the fear of public speaking. One of the advantages of being here in Torino is that it's a beautiful destination full of great history, architecture, and spectacular food and wines at prices that are less than you'd find in most of the big Italian cities. So it also serves as a great way for someone who wants to work intensively together in a quick burst to come for a VIP weekend and then stay on a few days to experience the best of Italy all in one trip. All it takes is an email to start the conversation.

Some past appearances and events, just to give you a sense.

John Rasiej speaking
March 12, 2015
Standing Out in Business - How and Why It's Crucial to Success
Guest speaker at Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce, Holland PA.  This presentation will help listeners discover the mistakes many businesses make that gets them lost in the shuffle, and explore the five key steps to stand out in your field.
Las Vegas
October 28-30, 2012


"Speaker Success Intensive" Event


This Intensive for four entrepreneurs was held in Princeton NJ in late 2012 and needed to be cut short as Hurricane Sandy approached. I was proud of how many participants hung in till it became clear it was time to leave. People found they were able to tell stories they'd hesitated to share in public, had practice that enabled them to get ahead of fear of speaking that was holding them back, and had their presentations videotaped along with on-the-spot feedback from me, both about the speech and how they could strengthen how it got communicated. At least three speaking careers were launched here by women who have become influencers in their fields.

April 9, 2014


ICCFA International Convention


Featured speaker at the international conference of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association). Spoke to an audience of over 400 industry leaders to demonstrate ways they could overcome fear of public speaking so they could achieve greater resonance in communication especially when dealing in such a sensitive area.

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