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The Elite Speaker Success Intensive

Perfect Your Presentation

Do you need to speak with confidence in front of more people and motivate them to take action with you on the spot?


In just two days you can be well on your way to being a captivating presenter so you can engage your audience, speak with confidence and become a magnet for more clients!


This special live program is for you if you've ever felt:

  • tongue-tied or unsure when it comes time to speak about what you do

  • afraid you'll make a mess when you get in front of your ideal audience

  • frustrated getting out there and not seeing the results you deserve, wondering "what am I doing wrong?"












Do you know if you could master this you could catapult your business?  Become a powerhouse speaker who can attract tons of new clients every time you speak in public!

The Elite Speaker Success Intensive is an exclusive and highly experiential event in a supportive, non-threatening environment.


We make sure that your business goals are clear and support the most ripe opportunities to attract clients and make money, and find areas of distinction to emphasize.  The focus is on developing a presentation that gets results.


During the intensive, acting as your "personal director" I guide you 

as if you're an actor learning to perform a monologue on stage. Your 

recreated presentation is video recorded for you to review and

continue learning even after this event.

You will get the guidance, tools and on-stage experience to...

  • Refine your speech so it makes a greater impact

  • Gain stronger self-confidence in your speaking so every presentation is a breeze

  • Discover the secrets to creating a speech that's sure to captivate your target audience

  • Know how to get your listeners to invest in you and your services

  • Identify and connect with the hottest leads in the room

  • Do the one thing you must know to turn your audience into life-long fans

This elite event is a special opportunity for just 10 people to maximize individual attention and support. 

Each participant receives:

  • Your own 25 minutes of on-stage time to practice delivering your speech

  • Constructive feedback and guidance in a safe supportive place

  • The opportunity to make your pitch to other attendees to gauge response

  • Video of your speech on a dvd so you may review and refine afterward

  • The chance to learn more by observing other speakers

  • Added guidance on other elements to make your speaking successful you'll be able to use public speaking to build your business, attract more clients, make more money, sell your programs or products.  You'll walk away with tools that you'll be able to use over and over to keep growing your business!

This is a rare opportunity.  I've been around and seen other speaker programs where there are 25, 50 or even 100 people in the room.  That's not what this is about!  This isn't an event where you'll just listen and take a lot of notes.  This isn't one where only a couple of select people get chosen for hot seats.  This isn't one where you'll get lost in the shuffle.  If you're part of it, you get to make a presentation - guaranteed! I'm keeping the number of participants ultra-exclusive.  That's why it's called elite!


I'll be teaching you the same techniques I used on the More Life Tour that allowed me to get 34 clients with one 45-minute speech.


The next Intensive will be held in Princeton, New Jersey November 15th and 16th, 2014.


The value of this weekend is well over $7,500.  Your investment to be one of the ten people on this valuable weekend is $2,195.00.  Or there's an option to make three payments of $797.00



Here are some comments from recent participants in the Intensive:

"The Speaker Intensive was a weekend well spent!  The prep calls prior assisted me in drafting my talk and presentation so I could spend my time during the event on improving and implementing.  I was able to zone in on holes I had in my signature talk, my stance on stage, how I used the presentation, and even my ability to connect with the audience. It was great the get honest feedback, rework, and go at it again the next day. The 2nd day I redid my story and offer. The group noticed an immediate improvement!  Once I got the DVD I was able to see the full picture, which took away a lot of my worry. We are our worst critics and I was able to see that I didn't appear as nervous as I felt.





I recommend The Speaker Intensive to anyone that is looking to build their business through speaking. It is helpful and calming to practice in the safe environment that John provides."

~ Sonaya Williams,

Sonaya Williams





















Before the event I had a fear of speaking, especially in front of the camera and also wanted to learn how to be presentable on the stage. I was feeling uncomfortable talking about offers of my services.  During the event I learned how to set up the title of the workshop that will bring attention, exercise to prepare before going on the stage, how to stand and deliver the speech, how to set up a PowerPoint presentation, how to transition from speech content to the offer, and how to place more emphasis on the core points of the content












After the event I implemented: How to talk slower, with clarity, pausing when telling a story that is compelling.  Watching the feedback DVD was an excellent tool so I can go back as many times as I want to reflect back on what I need to work on. I am working on the speed of talking and how much content to give so audience does not get overwhelmed.  And today, thanks to John's support and boost up, I recorded my first meditation CD!











~ Sangita Patel.














Sangita Pate;
Facebook recommendation from Debra Hamilton

Here are details on precisely what you get:

Three weeks before the event:

  • Speaking Success Teleseminar to give you the formula for your marketing speech

Ten Days before the event:

  • Question and Answer Call

  • Review of Offer Forms, PowerPoint Presentations

Day One

  • Breakfast  provided

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Refresher on delivery

  • Speakers each deliver 25-minute talks, get feedback and direction afterward

  • Professional video taken of speech, and feedback also captured on video soundtrack

  • Wrap up with lessons learned, discussion and key areas of attention

Day Two

  • Breakfast provided

  • Further training on presentation skills

  • Exclusive Tag-Team Networking to focus on benefits and client needs for more clarity

  • Open question and answer period

  • Training and Exercises for Speech Titles, including feedback

  • Chance for each speaker to deliver portion of their speech again, for further refinement

  • Wrap up and celebrations


  • Your custom-produced professionally filmed individual DVD capturing both of your speech presentations and the commentary/tips given

(expected delivery approx 2-3 weeks after event)

















The next Intensive will be held in Princeton, New Jersey November 15th and 16th, 2014.


The value of this weekend is well over $7,500.  Your investment to be one of the ten people on this remarkable weekend is $2,195.00.  Or there's an option to make three payments of $797.00

Still have questions about whether this is for you?  Read more at this page.


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