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Influencing people is an art, and it's built on intangibles. Yet there are some tangible keys that are crucial. Your success is made by how well you communicate with others. Clarity sells your concepts in ways others notice. 


How well others understand your ideas and put them into action impacts everyone’s bottom-line.


Clearly sharing your compelling story, connecting with others at their core level, speaking to their emotional intellect, resonating with their needs are the most important building blocks to all success.


I am here to help you find, define, and clarify your voice, so your message is loud and clear.

My goal is to bring you the tools you need so you can impact lives, to inspire change and support people in moving forward whether in their lives or in their businesses, and for you to move from someone in-the-pack to one with great influence.

Prior to becoming a speaking coach I was a theatre director in New York City and Pennsylvania for over 20 years -- not at a Broadway level but working with actors in smaller grittier venues, helping not only experienced equity actors but also succeeding in getting winning performances from novices to the stage.





About Me

In 2009 I was attending a business workshop with my wife and also in attendance I met an array of people with passion for the missions they wanted to create. When we spoke individually I could sense their energy and hopes. Yet as I watched several of them get chances to make presentations or even ask questions from the microphone I witnessed them shrink instead of bloom. I knew if they could not inspire in front of a room like this they would struggle to inspire people with their passion on other stages and venues. I knew right away that techniques I'd been using for actors would help transform these people into greater influencers. And I am proud to say that a number of my clients have moved on to have that kind of influence.

In 2016 for personal reasons I relocated to Italy and am blessed to be here. Thanks to technology and travel I still have ways to support clients, creating opportunities for coaching, reviewing drafts and working together, running my Core Story Discovery Workshop, reviewing videos of presentations and even hosting VIP weekend intensives in Italy. I realized that in much the same way I got tired of listening to speaker after speaker who relied on someone's "formula" on how to deliver a speech (often to the point of losing their audience instead of inspiring them) I needed to stop following the "formula" of how to reach out to you. I see my email inbox filled with messages from several different people the same day or week where they almost mirror each other's pitch and I realized I stopped opening anyone's.  So there's no list, no funnel, no tricks. If what I show you here speaks to you please drop me an email to start a conversation. If not that's OK too; I wish you well in whatever endeavors you seek to achieve.



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