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Sharpen Your Speaking

The Mindset, Skills and Message of Success

A Three-Week Seminar to gain

success with your presentations


Communication is the cornerstone of a successful business.  After all, if you can't convey the value to potential clients and customers of what you are offering in a way they comprehend it for themselves, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle trying to get them to buy what you offer.


It's an area where lots of businesss people struggle.  That's because speaking for business goes against the grain of how we learned to express ourselves throughout our lives.  When we first learned to speak as children, the focus was on us and expressing what we needed from others.  But success in business comes from being able to speak in ways that others see the value for them of what you are selling.


Most of us know how to communicate to a degree but can improve our business success by sharpening our messages and the the way we deliver them.  The value of a better presentation brings more prospects into your funnel and helps you convert them more easily.  So a better message presented well is worth lots to your business...  hundreds or thousands in the short term and potentially tens of thousands or more in the long run.


To help you gain more success in results that will grow your business, the "Sharpen Your Speaking" seminar series will focus on strategies and tools that work.  You'll discover:


  • aspects of the mindset for speaking success for any kind of presentations.

  • skills big and small that can make any speaking opportunity work better (from the self-intro "elevator pitch" to sales presentations to speeches in front of large groups).

  • ways that your message can be developed and presented that lead to better results, more prospects, more clients, more money.


These three seminars will be delivered once a week for three weeks, so you have time to fit each into your schedule and not get overwhelmed. They'll be accessible by phone or by webcast so you can catch them wherever you are.  And if the date/time of the call isn't convenient all calls will be recorded so you can listen at a more ideal time.


Plus, you'll have special access to me via WhatsApp during the program to get your individual questions answered by sending me audio messages.  I don't want you struggling if you aren't quite getting a point or how to apply it.  This special access is valid for the duration of the program until one week afterward. (It's time-limited as an incentive for you to do the program now and not put it off till some hazy time in the future.)


This series of seminars is a great tool for entrepreneurs, business owners, sales and marketing professionals who are looking to grow their opportunities and quickly gain more success in their business.  And it even can help people not in their own business, who could use better communication in job interview situations, whether to progress in the same company or looking for opportunities elesewhere.


You may expect this will be a major investment; after all, the potential diffrence it can make will be massive when you implement these ideas. But the price may surprise you.  Iy's not hundreds of dollars for a program that can be worth much more than that to you. This upcoming teleseminar series with your private access to me can be yours for just $97.00. 


"Sharpen Your Speaking" begins Monday, January 26th, so don't delay.  Calls happen at 2:00 pm Eastern on Jan 26, Feb 2 and Feb 9th.  If you can't listen at the scheduled time, don't fret.  They'll be recorded and you'll have access to a replay afterward so you can fit it into your calendar. 


The sooner you have an understanding of these tools the more of 2015 you can see these benefits make a difference.  And remember, order now!  Making the decision starts the change happening for you!



Sharpen Your Speaking: $97.00.


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