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Special In-Person Offer -  Holidays 2017

You likely know I've made a major move in my life and now reside in Torino, Italy. It's quite something to experience and enjoy.  Whatever your dreams and desires I hope you get to experience yours in the same way I've been blessed to.

Since I still have family in the USA as well as some work with clients I do travel back to the New York area every so often.  My schedule is usually fairly full yet I do want to set aside times that I can work in-person with clients.  I am arriving at Newark Airport the Monday before Thanksgiving and departing the second week of December.

Work with me for an hour while I'm in the USA for clarity and action!

This trip I wanted to make an offer for some dynamic in-person consultation sessions where my clients can get some rapid guidance to take the next crucial steps to growth.

I know the holidays are coming up and with gifts to buy, decorations, etc., it can be tough to go whole-hog with a full VIP-Day, although I know how valuable they can be.  So for this trip my offer is shorter and sweeter.  A full one-hour consultation with me at your location in New York City or Bucks County PA for just $95. 

What would you get?  A chance to discover gaps or roadblocks in your message or your outreach for clients to clearly understand what it is you have to offer them.  After they get identified, some specific suggestions and strategies on ways to move things ahead.  And a plan of action to make things happen.

Here's how I envision your hour going (of course we can tweak it if you need it somewhat differently):

  • First fifteen minutes: review and discussion of where roadblocks or gaps may be, and what it's costing you.

  • Next thirty minutes: development of ideas, brainstorming and specific suggestions on how to clarify your message, to whom you want to connect and ways to improve how on-point you are.

  • Final fifteen minutes: layout a workable plan of action going forward to accomplish goals worth pursuing.

Because of the holidays, family and other events (my Mother's 91st Birthday is another reason we chose this time to travel to the States), I can accept a maximum of 12 such sessions.  Once that many have been booked, this page will come down.  If this offer speaks to you please don't hesitate, I feel confident you will get several times the value compared to what I am charging for these one-on-one sessions.

Please note: Sessions in Bucks County PA are available only the following days:

  • Sunday/Monday November 26/27 or Friday/Saturday December 1/2

The fee for this hour-long consultative session is $95.


My aim with this session is for you to have actionable specific items you can implement so you can get results more consistently and quickly.

For Sessions in New York City I have some date flexibility during the late-November / early-December time frame.

If your location is northern or central New Jersey and you want a session, it could be arranged though there would be some added cost to cover travel time.  Send me an email and let me know where you'd need to meet and I'll work with you to see what works.

Once you click on the button you'll open an order form where you can book a session and pay by credit/debit card (It's a secure website to process payments).  Once your session is ordered, I will get in touch by email or phone within about 24-36 hours (I will aim to make it faster but with travel I may be out of contact at times).  We'll find the date and time that works and make our plans concrete.

Please don't wait -- book your session right now.  The length and price ($95) are designed to make this something that should be in reach.  I've been told often that working with me even for short times, people get ideas that they consider breakthroughs.  My trips back to the USA are rare so this is a golden opportunity.  I hope you'll grab one and I look forward to working with you.

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