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Speaking isn’t a separate entity from business. It’s an essential way for every business to grow and make an impact within any community.  It's a vital way that a business can convey its distinction.  When your message connects powerfully and quickly with those who need your services most, the flow of customers opens up enhancing everyone's world. 

Speaking Engagements


I have spoken on stages around the US and in Italy, to audiences ranging from under 10 to over 900 people, and understand the unique approaches needed for any kind of speaking engagement. Haven't we all unfortunately had to sit through too many speeches where the speaker tried hard but the message fell flat in the end? That's often the result of adhering to a formula that leads so many speeches and speakers to sound alike. Not good enough.


Topics I've covered include valuable messages around the oft-misunderstood elements of getting your message understood (particularly an element I learned in my acting training that applies to speaking as well), overcoming fear of public speaking as well as creating workshops on powerful presentation skills are just a few of my specialties.  


I also incorporate creative approaches to explore the ways speaking will have more impact.  After all, the success of a speech is judged by tangible positive results.

Consult with me and get personal attention and creativity


In life we can gain benefits with the support of a coach and when creating a business speech it is essential. Coaching with me gives you the tools for a poised performance plus a refined speech that produces lasting, positive results. As we work together you explore and master the elements that structure a successful speech. We work to discover your core story, the one that resonates with the basic needs of the people you want to reach. This isn't about a formula; so many speakers follow a formula that works for someone else but not them. If you want to inspire, it has to be with the message coming across as only you can shape it.

The same way a great actor can shine from center-stage and have the audience riveted is what a speaker should aspire to do. I;ve worked with actors and speakers to each help them achieve that.





Books, audio and video seminars 


Whether you aspire to become a speaker, are moving into a position that requires it, or simply have the desire to enhance your speaking skills, everyone needs guidance with the speaking process to be their best. I offer a wide selection of coaching packages and seminars, books, plus audio and video sessions that will move you through your fear of public speaking, and teach you the essential elements of creating an effective message that contains confidence builders, a valuable call to action, and much more. 










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