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John is a polished speaker with a creative background that bridges the art of theatre with the structure of business.  He understands how to get important messages across, keep audiences engaged and maximize the speech with an effective call to action.

Painfully shy as a boy,John knew over the years how much his fear of speaking was holding him back.  While stuck in a Government career that was not fulfilling, he took professional acting cleasses to inject creativity into his life.  That foray into theatre taught John skills in how to turn words into deeper connections with others on stage, and let him become more comfortable and even enthusiastic about appearing before groups.  Soon after his acting training and appearing in numerous plays he was asked to direct plays and applied many of the same lessons he'd been taught about connection.  After leaving the Government, John was at a business seminar in 2009 where he witnessed numerous business people struggle with their presence and command when addressing a room.  He understood that the techniques of theatre would support those in business and created Speak Louder Than Words.  He studied business marketing approaches to ensure he could craft messages that would resonate in a selling environment, as well as sharing that focus with his own clients.

Now a commanding speaker, John has shared the stage with noteworthy presenters such as Maureen O'Brien, David Neagle, Suzanne Evans, Tracy Davidson and others.  He has spoken to groups in Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Atlantic City, Washington, Philadelphia and Milan, Italy.  During the 2010 More Life Tour, John was the highest selling speaker despite it being his first year in business.

When working with organizations, John makes sure to clearly understand the organization's goals for the event to make sure his appearance works toward meeting that objective, as well as understanding what the organization wishes to achieve for its audience.


John has spoken before audiences of up to 900, as well as corporate workshops for staffs under a dozen, and is effective whatever the sizeof the group.  He has presented at the Worldwide Conference of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, the Be The Change Event, Ready for the Stage and the More Life Tour.  He did communication workshops for firms such as Black Rock and IQnection.  John has also held his own speaking event in New York City.


He is the author of two books on public speaking and can present on number of valuable topics in the area of communication, including presentation skills, fear of public speaking, the importance for any business or influencer to share the strong core story, and the vital nature to n0t just follow a formula.

What Listeners Are Saying

Keynotes, Breakouts and Workshops

John Rasiej On Stage

Breaking Out: 3 Mistakes Businesses Make and 4 Keys to Stepping Out from the Crowd

Without a tangible uniqueness, businesses run the risk of being seen as one of many choices offering the same thing to a possible customer or client.  Many businesses make key mistakes which they hope will differentiate them but don't.  In this speech, listeners learn 4 key areas they must address to develop and communicate distinction in the market.

Communicating Value: How to Get Your Customers to Understand Why They Need You

The only value is something is the value that can be communicated to other people.  A change in perspective with how to describe the issue becomes key.  Listeners take away essential keys to ensure their product, service or program is perceived as having value and is worth taking action now.

Don't Let Fear of Public Speaking Knock You Down and Out

Public speaking still ranks as the number one fear people report.  This keeps many of us from even pursuing opportunities to speak which may cause us to miss a wealth of client opportunities.  It can also lead to a less-than-confident presentation which could quash a deal.  Listeners discover a series of approaches they can use to mitigate fear of speaking.

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How to Harness the Power of Your Story

The businesses that are most successful are those that convey the story of the business and their "big why" with clarity.  Doing so allows a greater emotional bond with potential customers as well as current ones, which leads to more loyalty and repeat business.  Listeners learn key aspects to discovering the story and why sharing it matters.

How to Deepen Communication into Connection

Simply saying words isn't enough to get a message across, whether speaking to a group or one-on-one.  What matters more than what the speaker says is what the listener receives.  Audience members discover a technique that transforms how words are said so the connection is greater and the speaker knows the message has been received as intended.











Stand Out Like Only You Can:

Public Speaking to the Max

More of a workshop for business staffs faced with the responsibility of making presentations on behalf of the organiation.  In these days of ever-increasing reliance on electronic messages, social media and other ways that are overwhelming listeners, public speaking effectively is more imperative tahn ever to have a deep connection quickly.  Participants take away tools and strategies allowing them to maximize speaking opportunites.














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