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It's 2015! Ready to Tweak How You

 Speak so You Make More Money?

It's a new year and a chance to get things off on the right foot.  To take things that have been working okay and make them even better, or try out some new ideas to see how they can change the way you attract new clients and make more money.


Communication is so key to success that it's a great place to start.  To help give you a boost, I'm offering a brand new teleseminar: Tweak How You Speak!


Sometimes, the "little" things you may or may not be doing can be what make or break your success in that situation!


Whether it's getting up in front of networking groups and making your self introduction, being in front of a BNI to give your 10-minute presentation or whether it's getting up in front of groups of potential clients and making a longer speech, tweaking some things can pay off in the short term and the long run! It can be worth hundreds or thousands to your business.


I know it's a busy time getting back in gear after the holidays, so this one is designed for your convenience.  It's going to be shorter than most teleseminars.  No more than 30 minutes.  And there will be encores available at different times/days so you can listen during the day or the evening after your work-day has finished.


You'll find out tips on things to include in your presentations as well as tips on how to command the room when you make your presentation.  These tweaks will help whether you're used to speaking or you still get rattled when you have to stand up at that networking group.  You'll be able to make those speaking opportunities with more confidence so you shine in front of your potential clients and get them more interested in finding out how to do business with you!



Join me on this timely teleseminar called:


     Even just one idea you pick up and 

     implement can be a game changer!


The call happens Monday, January 12th at 2:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am Pacific) with rebroadcasts scheduled for that night and the next couple of days if you can't make the initial call.  Enter your info below and click the blue button to receive all the access info.  The call is FREE.  Grab your spot right now!

In addition to the info you'll receive on the call, you will also begin reciving my newsletter (if you're not already getting it) and occasional reports with more strategies to create success in your business.  Your email info will never be sold or shared with others..


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