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Speaking Leadership

Business is an art.  Business is built on communication.


"Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership." ~ James Humes

Speaking Leadership Book Cover

Speaking Leadership:

22 Essential Secrets to Make Speeches Succeed


Whether you’re someone selling from the stage, a rising business person looking to make a mark or an executive who wants to be a standout leader in your field, speaking with confidence and impact pays off in big ways.  However, it takes more than getting up and starting to talk; there are a number of skills and techniques that go into this business art.

This handy and conveniently-sized guide shares 22 essential secrets that enhance the results you get from your speeches.  They’re short and sweet to review, with quick explanations about why each matters for you when you speak.  Keep this at your easy disposal for as a ready reminder to be at your best.


John Rasiej, author of Speak Louder Than Words: Five Ways to Change Lives and Boost Your Bottom Line Through Great Public Speaking, has taken years of experience working with clients, directing in theatre and his own studies and experience as a powerful public speaker and focused on key strategies in this guide that's quick and easy to digest, helping you be your best.

Each of these secrets are effective and vital for a speech to achieve the goal of impacting the audience effectively right on the spot.

Jason Womack, business leader and futurist, and author of Your Best Just Got Better (Wiley, 2012) summarizes the guide like this: "John offers quick and powerful nuggets that make it possible to succeed when speaking and presenting.  I have used these strategies on radio, television and in front of live audiences.  They work!  Keep this guide handy so that as you get ready to take the stage, you have a coach right there next to you."


But that's not all Jason has to say about SPEAKING LEADERSHIP.  He authored an entire blog post not just about the book but also how he would use each chapter to build more and more elements of impactful speaking.  To read his post, click this link.


Watch this video with Jason recounting his experience at a presentation after a consultation with John Rasiej, where the very next day he achieved an stronger connection and impact because of just one of the secrets that's contained in the book.










Want to see how quick, handy and important these tips are? 
Here are three previews, each secret captured on just one page so it's not overwhelming.


(Click on any page for it to expand to a more readable size)































Chapter 1
Chapter 11
Chapter 18

These three and nineteen other essential techniques and strategies can be yours now, in this handy-to-keep-with-you guide for $12.95.  Order copies for your entire team so each of them can keep it handy just before they're about to make that important presentation!










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