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The Elite Speaker Success Intensive



You've read about the Intensive and also seen some results from people like you who participated in this event before.  I also realize it's not an insignificant investment in yourself and your success and there may be questions you want answered.  Here are some questions or concerns I often hear:

"Wow, this sounds great but that's a lot of money."





Yes, this is an investment in you and your business.  The first thing to remember is that if you apply what you discover through this event, you will likely be adding new clients with your first few speeches.  Think of how many clients a great speech can get you if you get out there and deliver it again and again over the next year or two and ask yourself what that would be worth.

You're getting a good amount of individual attention, very focused and individualized so you won't feel like just one more person in a big crowd.

What you learn from this experience is a skill you'll be able to continue using to keep getting in front of more people, larger crowds, more ideal clients for years to come.  

Relative to other trainings of this caliber where there's anywhere near this level of attention and you get to experience delivering your speech and working things out in a safe environment, the price of the event is less than one-fifth what you might pay elsewhere.  I myself paid over $17,000 for a similar intensive (I kid you not, and I will be sharing with you so many of the things I learned there).  At an event I attended in 2010 a program like this for up to 40 people each getting only 10 minutes to practice their speeches was offered for over $14,000.  And that was to do the speech once, not have a second go at it is as you would here.  I see other speaking coaches creating events to train people where over 50 to 200 people (or more) are present and charge a couple of thousand dollars for that.  That's not what I think will help you the most.  That kind of training puts things on display things and it's up to you to try them on your own -- here you get to experience it and learn so much more that you can apply.

My intention when creating this was to have an event that would deliver big benefits and to make it available to people who are starting  to speak to grow their business, or those who've been doing it occasionally but aren't seeing sufficient tangible results.  That's one reason I decided to have it outside of a major city and pass on a lower cost to you.

The whole idea of the Intensive is to give you what you need so you can speak in such a way that you attract more clients and bring in more money.  While there are no guarantees on what will happen at any particular speaking engagement, 34 clients from one talk sure had an impact for me!  It's well within the realm of possibility that you could recoup the cost of the event from just one speech or two.  And use what you've learned to keep getting more clients in the months and years to come.  That's a mindset you can bring to this kind of investment.

John Rasiej giving advice

"Two days away from home?"

There's never a perfectly convenient time to do anything in our businesses -- but this is a way to get a quantum leap in a targeted and concentrated way.  Having an Intensive in a weekend may end up saving you valuable time you can be spending getting more clients.  And by doing an Intensive it won't be like any of those "shelf-help" programs that sit there gathering dust while you never find the time within your workdays to get the work done.  This will be something you practice so you have the tools to go out there and implement.

Hotel room

The event is planned for the DoubleTree hotel in Princeton, NJ so travel is fairly straightforward.  If you need to fly you may go through Newark or Philadelphia.  From New York City Princeton can be reached by train or bus.  Amtrak stops nearby as well for anyone along the Boston/Washington DC corridor.



"I think this is what I need but I have a fear of public speaking."

That's why an event like this could be an important step for you.  Rather than trying out your speech in a public venue where the stakes may be high and your worries at a fever pitch, we'll be creating a safe and supportive environment.  It may feel a little out of your comfort zone to be doing something like this for two days but let me assure you I understand how it is to have that fear -- and I won't give you advice to just "get over it."  We'll explore specific tools that can help anyone who isn't comfortable.  It's an important step to take if you want to grow your business and be seen as a trusted expert.


Read what Sangita said about her experience on the previous page.

This is a unique opportunity.  Most people don't get this chance to try out their speech in a place that's safe before they go out and give their speech.  This is a great place to gain that confidence so you won't be a mass of nerves when you do go out there for real.  It's a chance to get over those nerves when people speak in public.



"Will this work for me?"

Speaking well in front of groups can help any kind of business.  It's worked for many of my clients with businesses of differing kinds.  I already told you I got 34 clients from one speech on The More Life Tour.  Here are some results my clients have gotten:

Ana Roberti

"It went so much better than the past, a speech with much content but no real direction. I have been doing this presentation for several years but never like this. Such insight to the process is invaluable.  I have five new clients!

Woo-hoo! But I am also  learning how much better it can be.  So much to learn both in speaking and  closing.  Thanks for your advice."

~ Ana Roberti, Interior Designer, Interior Image, Inc.

After working  with John it did not take long before I got up the courage and took the Bull by the horns so to speak and just did it!  I gave two speeches which have resulted in a  total of 18 new clients going on 5 safaris.  Who would have guessed that a  personal appearance can be so powerful!  It gives credence and passion to what  you do and thanks to John’s expertise my two speeches landed over $90,000 in sales.

In fact I encourage all  of you on the fence to hop off and get writing a script and booking a venue.  It certainly works. I personally wish to thank John for his belief in me and the same will be for you, just do it!"

Sara Kearns

~ Sara de Maine Kearns, Travel Agent and Africa Specialist,


"Before working with John I had been in front of an audience a few times but never to market and sell my services.  I knew that speaking would be revenue generating for me but I was nervous about the idea.  After working with John I have booked 24 speaking gigs in 3 months, feel confident in front of any crowd and have sold thousdands of dollars that I know have come directly from my speaking.  Most importantly I love the difference I have been able to make in people's lives.


I booked 17 comps/qualified leads in the last week, which will equate to over $10,000 to $20,000 in business right away, and much more in the next few years.  I would say I sold approximately $10,000 speaking even with just a couple."

Lucila McElroy, Life Coach for Mothers,

Remember, there are just 10 spots in this exclusive and valuable
Speaker Success Intensive, so don't let this opportunity pass you by!


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