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Speak Louder Than Words

Speak Louder Than Words:

Five Ways You Can Change Lives and

Boost Your Bottom Line Through Great Public Speaking


Are you ready to stand out from the crowd as an effective and engaging speaker? 


This book is ideal for:


  • Executives and other business leaders who need to make effective presentations

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to attract more clients and make more money

  • Non-profits needing to attract contributors and have a more successful outcome

  • Motivational speakers who want to deeply connect with their audience, creating long-lasting impact 


Speak Louder Than Words Book

Speak Louder Than Words is comprehensive and easy-to-read. It provides insight into the value of public speaking, incuding useful tools and techniques to alleviate your fear of speaking in front of a group. Live presentations and speaking from the stage provide the fastest connection to prospects, powerfully attracting them as clients and customers.

2010, 160 pages, available for $17.95


I've been in front of audiences, say 4,000 times in the past 2 decades. Your book is a game changer. So far, pages: 15, 45, 85 have had HUGE ideas for me. Thank you for this.

~ Jason Womack, author of "Your Best Just Got Better" (Wiley, 2012)

I'm delighted to refer you to John Rasiej's book Speak Louder Than Words. I found this book to be very, very insightful and easily able to be read. I was able to read it on the plane going coast-to-coast. I don't highlight books so much and yet, I don't know if you can take a close-up (this was being shot on video) but these pages are -- almost every flap opened has been highlighted with a glossary in the back of that which I found particularly helpful (note, this was her handwritten glossary of notes Debra took). I do speak to mature women to help them eliminate their bag-lady fears; I'm a certified financial planner. John has hit every single nail on the head here in terms of giving new speakers confidence and some tips - 1s, 2s, 3s - on how to get into the speaking business. It's a powerful field. If you have a powerful message that you need to get out to the public, public speaking is the way to do it, and John's given a very, very good primer in this book. Pick a copy up today. Speak Louder Than Words.

~ Debra Morrison, - video testimonial at YouTube

My name is Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, principal at Hamilton Law and Mediation and this book changed my speaking life forever!! Reading the real world advice John provides so you can speak like a pro is invaluable. John provides helpful direction to novice and experienced speakers alike. All these little things you don't think about John has not only thought about but provided easy solutions. You will be prepared and confident next time you step on the stage once you have finished John's book, Speak Louder than Words. If you really want a treat, attend one of John weekend workshops, retreats or hire him to work with you one on one. I did both after reading this book. The book provides you with the guard rails and training wheels you need to start and the wings you need to take your established speaking performance to the next level.



~ Debra Hamilton, Hamilton Law and Mediation







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