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Creating and communicating particular ways a business is unique helps any business stand out in its marketplace.  The most successful businesses realize this and place tremendous emphasis on developing key ways to stand out.  Businesses that don't will struggle and sometimes fail because they are undistinguishable from their competitors.  They may try to compete on price, but that's not a growth strategy since there will always be someone willig to offer similar services for less.  Many companies try to cite an advantage in an area where others stake the same claim, leaving them all lumped into a group of lookalikes by their potential customers.

Does Your Business Stand Out in Your Market or Blend In with Others?

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The first step in standing out is knowing where you stand now.


This unique self-assessment has been developed to help business leaders determine how they rate in being special in the eyes of potential customers and clients.  It includes a 15-question self-assessment that asks about key areas where unique approaches are created and maintained.  It also comes with a self-scoring results sheet so you have a gauge on where you stand, and some ideas on what needs to be done to step it up.


Grab your self-assessment and take this quick assessment now.  There's no obligation and you complete it in privacy, I don't see the results.  The process will give you a valuable glimpse into this key approach to business success and long-term growth.






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