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Are These Three Mistakes

Costing You Business, Clients, Money?



Do you ever have the feeling that when you tell people about how your business can help them they tune you out or their eyes glaze over?  


It's likely because it sounds like what so many other businesses say they do.  Do you ever notice at networking events and card exchanges  how most banks sound like every other bank, most insurance agents, realtors, CPAs, nutritionists, the list could go on and on... so potential customers have no idea why to choose one over the others?  It leaves business owners struggling to make their mark and stand out. 

Ever feel like that?


I want to offer you a free training call to address this important issue.


You see, recently I had the pleasure of giving a live speech on the topic of Unique Strategies to Stand Out and Succeed from a Crowded Market of Competitors.  The people in the room shared that they'd received a lot of value from the new perspective I offered and some even signed up to work with me on it.  This is a message that needs to spread further because so many businesses are challenged by it -- and many don't even realize it.


Rather than leave you in the dark until a time I'll be speaking somewhere you can attend, I wanted to speed things up.  So I am offering a free training session virtually -- something you can access via the web or over the phone. It's a hour of valuable content, sharing  3 Big Mistakes to Avoid... and How to Create Real Distinction Instead. 


Are you or your business making these mistakes that you think make you stand apart in the market -- but potential clients and customers just dismiss them?


I want to get this to you now so you can start separating yourself from the pack in customers' eyes and be seen as distinctive and as a leader.


I'm excited to share this info with you because I've seen what a difference it can make for a business that needs to stand out so it can be more visible and successful.  Businesses that miss this struggle and sometimes even fail.  Circuit City, one of the major businesses cited in the book "Good to Great," no longer exist because of some of these mistakes.


In the call, I will share:

- why distinction matters so much for your success (or avoiding a decline or even failure)

- the 3 big mistakes to avoid (which too many businesses blindly do)

- the 5-step path to create distinction that will be real and recognizable.


This training seminar will take place Monday, September 29, 2014 at 7:30 pm Eastern (6:30 Central,

5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific).  There will be replay opportunities offered if you have a conflict during the live call.


There's no cost to attend, all you have to do is enter your information below right now and you'll be on the roster to attend.  Then invest your time to attend. 


Be sure to make it, this is valuable training on a crucial area I want to share so I can keep making a difference for you.


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