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Being a copycat is boring.

Be authentically you.


I'm not asking for email addresses

nor your name. If you're here, we've either been in touch in the past, you've been given one of my books (they're no longer available for sale), or someone (hopefully a past client or mentor) has referred you.   I am done with the rat-race of chasing people to create a list and send multiple emails to try and build a funnel to sell -- and looking like every other email clogging up your inbox.  I work with a small group of clients who come to me when they think they can use my help. And I only work with them after we decide together that I can help. So after checking my site if you want to get in touch then the next step is for you to email me.

Click one of these icons below and get some ideas flowing.

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Higher Vision Coaching & Consulting is located in the greater Philadelphia area and serves business owners and Non-Profits in the city and in the western suburbs - the Main Line, Exton, and the Phoenixville - Pottstown corridor. So if you are in the greater Philadelphia area and want a business advisor who has the knowledge, expertise and proven empowerment strategies to help you achieve your business and organizational objectives contact Jeff Kofsky, President of Higher Vision Coaching & Consulting, LLC today!Jeff is a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, a world class association of Business Coaches worldwide who share the expertise, tools and business improvement processes that have been proven to empower their clients to achieve extraordinary results in their business.

Develop a speech using the unique SLTW System that will get listener's focused and then discover how to deliver it with impact and big-time results.


Discover ways to have 
your important messages
stand out and be seen as a difference-maker, who sets the bar and doesn't sound like somebody else's formula.
Make your next event
more valuable with
a message that will
impact your audience
and help you succeed.
Do you know something isn't quite clicking and you're just not sure what you may need?  Drop me a line and let's get our heads together to see how to move you forward.

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